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  3. Can horse fat be used for cosmetics?

Can horse fat be used for cosmetics?

Did you know that horse fat is also utilized in cosmetics as “horse oil (baayu)”?
In my family, my mother used “horse oil” to clean her heels and other parts of her body, so I have been familiar with horse oil since I was a child.

In ancient times, horse oil was used to treat burns and wounds, and raw horse meat was sometimes used as a poultice. A company in Fukuoka Prefecture focused on the power of horse oil and commercialized it as a cosmetic product.
It seems that the Kyushu area has a deep connection with horse products.

When I told this story to a staff member (from Tokyo) at the store, he said, “It was all the rage in junior high and high school, and my friend used it to prevent her face from drying out, and I used to use it as a treatment every morning.
These days, in addition to shampoos, hair treatments, soaps, etc., there are also many cream and oil-type skin care products on the market that claim to be 100% horse oil.
Horse oil is moisturizing, silky, and blends well with the skin, and some people have said on the Internet that their hair quality has improved.

Horse oil (horse fat) is said to be high in oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, and linoleic acid.
It has a low melting point of 30-43 degrees Celsius and must be refrigerated in the summer or it will liquefy.
It has long been used as a folk medicine for skin treatment because of its similarity to human sebum, making it easily absorbed and useful for moisturizing and protection.
The two terms are used differently: “horse fat” is used for food, and “horse oil” is used for skin care and other purposes.
Both “ma-yu” and “ba-yu” are considered correct readings for horse oil, but “ba-yu” seems to prevail in the press because it is difficult to understand because it sounds like “ma-yu” or “hemp oil.

By the way,
100% horse oil is also used to care for leather products.
Other horse products include high-end bags and slippers made of horsehair (horse tail hair).




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