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  3. Parts of Horse Meat

Parts of Horse Meat

Horse meat
Meat that is produced in large quantities, such as beef, pork, and chicken, is often sold in separate parts, so it has become common knowledge for consumers.
Beef can be divided into shoulder, rib, sirloin, fillet, rump, belly, etc. Pork can be divided into shoulder, rib, sirloin, fillet, rump, belly, etc.
Pork: shoulder, shoulder loin, loin, belly, thigh, fillet, etc.
Chicken: breast, thigh, wing, wing tip, etc.
Many people have more detailed knowledge of rare parts.
Incidentally, the annual distribution volume (estimated amount available) of beef is more than 930,000 tons, pork more than 1.82 million tons, and chicken more than 2.17 million tons (statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2008).
In contrast, the consumption of horse meat is 11,722 tons (2012 statistics).
Although horse meat, which is incomparably small in both production and consumption, is often referred to simply as horse meat, even horse meat has different parts and tastes.
In addition to parts common to beef, such as shoulder loin, shoulder ribs, ribeye, sirloin, and fillet, there are also parts unique to horse meat, such as ribs and kone (mane).

What parts are served at Somari?
Somari usually offers three types of horse sashimi: kone (mane), futa-ebo, and fillet.
We explain them when we serve them to you.
The “kone (mane),” which is unique to horses, is characterized by the rich sweetness of its fat.
Futaego,” with its vivid contrast between fat and lean meat, has a unique chewiness and a perfect balance of fat and lean meat that oozes out slowly.
Hire,” the extra lean meat, is tender and very tasty.
At Somari, it is served with garlic, ginger, and sweet Kumamoto soy sauce.
The main parts used for horse shabu (by reservation only) are ribs and shoulder loin. It depends on the availability.
When making a reservation, we ask which part of the horse you would like.
Recently, imported horse meat injected with horse fat is also available. The flavor of the horse fat is added to the meat.
Somari does not use such horse meat.
We do not use such horse meat at Somari because good quality horse meat raised in Kumamoto is delicious enough as it is.
We appreciate the efforts of the producers once again!
Please enjoy the delicious horse meat carefully selected by Somari.

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